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Tarot Guidance

When we are not living in alignment with our purpose and values we can feel de-energised, unmotivated and drained. These sessions provide relief, reassurance and guidance in areas of family, relationships, prosperity, career and purpose.


For many of us there is a need to step beyond our comfort zone, and I always remember the words of one of my teachers: "if what you are looking for exists within your comfort zone, you would have found it by now."


I love using cards to help clients gain greater insights and clarity, and providing the reassurance needed to move beyond any self-imposed limits. Combined with hypnosis, kinesiology and NLP these sessions will enable you to step beyond your comfort zone with confidence.  

Sessions are held both in-person and online

60 minute session = $150 (AUD)

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Book a tarot session

Step 1: Select 'IN PERSON' or 'ONLINE'

Step 2: Select the type of consultation (Tarot Guidance)

Step 3: Select from available dates/times

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